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tigerair taiwan homedelivery and duty freeonline pre ordershop Terms and Conditions

Based on the spirit of consumer service, St. Doras Enterprises Co., Ltd., (hereinafter “St. Doras”) hereby establishes the following member terms and conditions (hereinafter these “Terms and Conditions”) to protect the information of this shopping website's members and to govern transaction-related matters.
Any person who wishes to seek membership in this shopping website shall first fully read and understand these Terms and Conditions and apply for such membership in recognition of such spirit and with the commitment to comply with the applicable provisions. St. Doras may amend these Terms and Conditions at any time as required for its operation. No further notice shall be given about the amended clauses and the members shall be informed through public announcements. If you continue to use this shopping website after the amendment of these Terms and Conditions, you shall be deemed to have agreed to and shall comply with the amended Terms and Conditions.

Article 1: Provision and Protection of Member Information
The applicant shall duly provide correct and complete personal information in accordance with the member application form provided by St. Doras. If any such information is changed, the member shall give timely notice to the customer service center of St. Doras. St. Doras may also perform verification on member qualifications.  St. Doras may perform audits on the information provided by the member from time to time. If St. Doras discovers any falsity, error, or anomaly in the information, St. Doras may delete the information or terminate the membership. In case of any suspicion of unlawfulness, St. Doras may also report to the judicial authority. If the applicant is below the age of 20, the applicant shall only seek membership in this shopping website after prior consent and understanding of the legal representative thereof. Upon completion of the application procedure, it shall be deemed that the applicant has acquired the consent and understanding of the legal representative. In case of any error, the applicant and his/her legal representative shall bear full liability. The applicant (i.e., member) agrees that St. Doras may collect personal information of the members due to the members’ use of the services on this website. Such information will be processed and used in the territories where this website provides services for the purposes of transactions between the members and St. Doras, consumer management services, marketing of products and services of St. Doras or its affiliates, and operation of St. Doras’ scope of business until this website ceases its services. To the extent of the above purposes, personal information of the members shall be provided to St. Doras’ affiliates, logistics suppliers, and St. Doras’ subcontractors for their use. Members may seek to verify, view, copy, supplement, or correct their personal information or seek the cessation of collection, processing, or use of information or the deletion of information. Personal information shall be provided in a complete manner. In case of incorrect or incomplete information, resulting to the failure to acquire membership, the applicant shall not be able to enjoy interests such as communication of event information, product marketing, or provision of services. For other relevant matters, please refer to details in the Privacy Statement and Disclaimer.

Article 2: Passcode and Account Number Protection
After reading these Terms and Conditions and clicking “Agree” to complete the sign-up or sign-in procedure, the applicant shall acquire membership for this shopping website and may acquire an account number and passcode to access the website in the future. Such passcode and account number shall also be used by this website as the basis for identification. To protect members’ personal interest, members of this shopping website who have acquired the online log-in right shall maintain the security of their own passcodes and account numbers. All acts engaged through use of member services based on the same member’s account number and passcode shall be deemed personal acts by such member and the member shall bear full liability. Also, this website will carry out security maintenance matters in accordance with the applicable laws to prevent theft, alteration, damage, loss, or disclosure of personal information. In case of disclosure, unauthorized of account number and passcode, or other event that has an impact on the security of the passcode or account number, the member shall give immediate notice to St. Doras. Upon receipt of the member’s notice, St. Doras will stop the processing and use of such transaction or undertake other protection measures. However, such notice does not constitute St. Doras’ liability to compensate or indemnify the member in any manner. Unless damage is incurred by St. Doras’ willful conduct or gross negligence, the member shall be solely liable for the above events. If a consumer asks St. Doras to provide transaction-related information during the period of fraudulent use, following verification of identity, this website may provide the relevant information to the extent available in order to prevent the enlargement of damages. To the extent related to the specific purposes specified in these Terms and Conditions, St. Doras may collect, process, and use personal consumer information in an honest and good-faith manner. When the specific purpose ceases to exist or at the expiry of the deadline, St. Doras shall also destroy the personal information in a good-faith and prudent manner. For other relevant matters, please refer to the details in the Privacy Statement and Disclaimer.

Article 3: Website Links
Due to evolving online technology, in using the services on this website, members may also be linked or have access to other websites. Regardless of whether such websites have been linked to this shopping website, displayed advertising, or otherwise provided consumer access with St. Doras’ consent, the details and services on such websites are outside the scope of services provided by St. Doras and members shall carefully evaluate whether to access such websites. St. Doras shall be held harmless from any dispute occurring to the members on such websites and shall not bear any legal liability in case of any damage or disagreement.

Article 4: Rules of Website Use
Members shall use the services provided by this website in accordance with the following rules:
1.    No display or distribution of any advertisement or any graphic, text, or other representation that may constitute advertising.
2.    No use of this website through any other person’s information, passcode, or account number.
3.    No publication, transmission, or dissemination of computer viruses or other graphics, text, or other representation in breach of public order, good custom, law, or regulation.
4.    No engagement or solicitation for a third party to engage inthe sale, lease, gift, or other act of commercial nature without St. Doras’ consent.
5.    No act of infringement or suspected infringement upon St. Doras’ or any third party’s right to reputation, right of privacy and secrecy, intellectual property rights,or other rights.
6.    No other act in breach of the law, regulation, or any act deemed inappropriate by St. Doras.
7.    St. Doras will perform audits on members’ status of use from time to time. Upon discovery of a breach of any of the above, St. Doras may delete the information or terminate the membership.  In case of any suspected unlawfulness, St. Doras may also report to the judicial authority.

Article 5: Suspension and Interruption of Services
The services of this website may be suspended or interrupted for maintenance, relocation, or change of system or function. St. Doras will give notice to the members before such suspension or interruption through public announcement or other proper means. St. Doras will use reasonable manners and technology to maintain normal operation of member services.However, in case of any of the following circumstances, St. Doras will suspend or interrupt member services in whole or in part and shall not be liable for any compensation or indemnification for any inconvenience or damage caused:
1.    User breach of government law or these Terms and Conditions.
2.    Suspension or interruption of services due to natural disaster or other events of force majeure.
3.    Incorrect display of member service information, forgery, alteration, deletion or interception, or interruption of system or inability to function normally due to any event beyond St. Doras’ control.
4.    Relocation, replacement, upgrade, maintenance or repair of member services related software or hardware equipment.
5.    Suspension or interruption of service due to other events that are not imputable to St. Doras.

Article 6: Statement of Intellectual Property Rights
Unless otherwise provided by law, the software or program used by this website, all images, texts, files, information, webpage designs published, or other details and representations are covered by intellectual property rights and other rights and shall not be reproduced, adapted, disseminated, or otherwise used to the detriment of the right holders’ interest without the prior written consent of the right holders.

Article 7: Limited Liability
When a member uses this website, all information and records in the process of the use shall be based on the records in the database of this website. In case of any dispute, the parties shall act in good faith and submit records of their electronic information stored to the court or an independent third party for determination.

Article 8: Privacy Protection
St. Doras will protect member registration information and other specific information provided by members in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and applicable laws, except in the following circumstances:
1.    Required in accordance with the law or by the judicial authority or other competent authority based on legal proceeding.
2.    To protect the legal interest of other members or third parties in emergency situations.
3.    Your act is in breach of the member Terms and Conditions.
4.    To maintain the normal operation of member service system.

Article 9: Transaction-Related Matters
Home Delivery:
St. Doras provides a limited quantity of products. Please complete the order procedure as soon as possible after your selection. Putting a product in the shopping cart does not mean that you have completed the order. If any other user completes the order procedure before you complete the order procedure, the system will give you notice that such product has been sold out and ask you to remove it from the shopping cart. You may issue orders based on the confirmed product quantity and price mechanism provided by St. Doras. Once you complete the order procedure for a purchase on this website, it constitutes an offer and your willingness to purchase the product in accordance with these Terms and Conditions and the transaction terms or restrictions specified on the relevant webpages. If any contact information that you provided (such as recipient’s address, telephone) is changed, you shall contact St. Doras’s customer service immediately and shall not deny the order or refuse payment based on inconsistent information.
When you use a credit card to make a purchase, you must provide correct credit card information. Upon discovery of any false log-in or unauthorized card use without the card holder’s consent, St. Doras has the right to suspend or terminate your membership and pursue it in accordance with the law. To protect members’ privacy and interests, St. Doras will not keep financial information provided by members on the website such as credit card numbers. The products on this website will be shipped in the manner that you choose and designate at the time of your order. The price of the product is exclusive of the shipping costs. However, if you meet the conditions for certain events, the product will be shipped in the manner of your choice and St. Doras will bear the shipping cost. If you return part of the products and, as a result, no longer quality for the shipping discount, St. Doras will charge the original shipping cost of the order from the amount refundable to you for the contract cancellation (based on the shipping costs published on the website at the time of the order). In principle, all purchases that you make on this website will be based on the electronic transaction information automatically recorded by St. Doras’ computer system. In case of a dispute, St. Doras agrees to provide such electronic transaction information for your reference. If you still believe that such transaction information is incorrect, please give immediate notice to St. Doras to engage in negotiation.
Duty Free Product Preorder:
1.    Passengers can pre-order tigerair taiwan duty free products (excluding tobacco and certain products) between 4 and 14 days (excludingweekends/national holidays) before the flight.
2.    There is limited loading space on the airplane. We appreciate your understanding if you are unable to purchase the products that you require.The maximum pre-order (excluding tobacco and certain products) quantity is 10 units per product.
3.    According to the rules of the Civil Aeronautics Administration about hazardous objects that passengers are allowed to bring or check onboard, each person is allowed no more than 5 liters of beverages with 24%-70% alcohol.
4.    Products of certain brands/tobacco product are not included in the pre-order event.
5.    In case of onboard promotional events, please refer to the details of the promotion and understand that no double discounts will be provided.
6.    Your understanding is appreciated if the product that you selected cannot be provided because the pre-order procedure cannot be completed due to weather, mechanical reason, or flight allocation, product change/replacement, or change of passenger booking.
7.    The price, style, and gifts of pre-ordered duty free products may be different from those at the time of actual sale. The actual product delivery and payment collection on board shall prevail. Please understand that we are unable to give you further notice about any change.
8.    Due to security reasons, if the aviation height is below 10,000 feet, the Company reserves the final right of sale. 
9.    For passengers with transfer flights or on transit, if you purchase any duty free product in liquid, gel, or spray form, please contact the local customs authority about applicable security regulations in order to avoid confiscation of the duty free products that you purchased due to noncompliance with local customs regulations.
10.    Payments can only be made by credit cards, including Visa, Master, and JCB card. All credit card transactions will be in NT Dollars. No more than one credit card may be used for each transaction. The maximum amount of acceptance shall be determined by the on board selling system.
11.    For passengers with direct flights to the destinations, the local customs authority will not control the quantity of duty free products in liquid, gel, or spray forms that you purchase on board. However, please still exercise care as to the local limit of duty free products upon border entry. Passengers have the responsibility to ensure that the duty free products that they purchase on board are compliant with the duty free limit and security regulations of the countries of their destination.

Article 10: Product Return and Refund
Home Delivery:
To protect your interests, if the product you ordered has any defect, a request must be filed with St. Doras to seeka refund or product replacement within 7 days from receipt of the product. St. Doras will provide you with a full refund or after-sale services with unconditional product return/replacement. According to the Consumer Protection Act, St. Doras will provide you a 7-day appreciation period starting from the day following the arrival of the product. This period allows you to evaluate whether to purchase the product, but is not provided for you to test the product. You can seek product return and refund during such period. However, please be reminded that the product you return must include all products, gifts, attachments, packaging, accompanying documents, or information in their entirety. If there is a physical invoice, it must also be returned. Relevant documents required by applicable laws such as a “product return credit note” must be signed. Otherwise St. Doras has the right to refuse your request for contract cancellation and refund. Upon product return, please use the original packaging polyester box and cooling material (for room-temperature products, please use the original packaging cardboard box) to duly package the product for return. If the original polyester box and cooling material or cardboard box are already discarded, please use other intact polyester boxes and cooling materials or cardboard boxes for packaging. Please do not affix any paper or write anything on the original packaging directly. If the product that you wish to return is missing any component or is damaged (including the original packaging), St. Doras has the right to debit the refund amount based on the level of damage, except in the case of a defective new product. Upon receipt of your product return notice, St. Doras will ask a delivery company to recover the product within 5 working days.After the returned product is inspected and confirmed, St. Doras will process the refund as soon as possible.

Duty Free Product Pre-Order:
To purchase any tigerair Taiwan on board product, please first refer to these product shopping website instructions before your purchase!
1.    Once the product packaging film is opened, you will not be able to return or replace the product. Your understanding is appreciated. 
2.    In case of product return/replacement due to manufacturing defect in the product, please present the receipt or credit card receipt (either one) and the fully packaged product within 30 days from the date of purchase to seek product return or refund. For relevant information, please contact customer service hotline +886-2-2705-0028.
3.    The product returned must include all products, gifts, attachments, packaging, accompanying documents, or information in their entirety, together with the receipt of purchase.
4.    If the product that you wish to return is missing any component or is damaged (including original packaging), St. Doras has the right to debit the refund amount based on the level of damage, except in the case of defective new product.
5.    tigerair taiwan will not accept product return/replacement or refunds due to product damage caused by misuse, abuse, accident, or alteration.

Article 11: Amendment to Terms and Conditions
In addition to these Terms and Conditions, you shall also comply with other applicable transaction conditions and terms listed on the relevant webpages. To comply with the government laws, St. Doras reserves the right to amend or change these Terms and Conditions at any time. The amended clauses will be published on this website. St. Doras will not give individual notices to members. You should pay attention to the amendments and changes to relevant provisions at any time. If you continue to shop on this website after the amended Terms and Conditions take effect, you shall be deemed to have understood and agreed to comply with all amendments or changes to these Terms and Conditions. If you disagree, please do not continue to use the relevant services on this Website.

Article 12: Confidentiality
St. Doras will keep consumer transaction records and other relevant information it knows or holds due to transactions confidential, and will establish a security mechanism that meets the transaction requirements. In case of any improper use of personal information, resulting in any damage to consumers, compensation liability shall occur in accordance with the applicable laws.

Article 13: Effect of This Statement, Governing Law, and Court of Jurisdiction
If any clause under these Terms and Conditions is invalid in whole or in part, it shall have no impact on the validity of the other provisions. The relationship of rights and obligations between the members and St. Doras are governed by these Terms and Conditions and the laws of the Republic of China. In case of any dispute and if litigation is required, the Taiwan Taipei District Court shall be the first-instance court of jurisdiction. Anything that is not fully stipulated in any of St. Doras’ statements or clauses shall be resolved together with the members in good faith based on the principles of honesty, good faith, equality, and mutual benefit.

I have read and agreed to the membership contract in detail.